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Client Profile: World Zionist Organization

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World Zionist Organization

Location: Israel

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Description: The foreign principal on whose behalf the registrant functions in the United States is the World Zionist Organization (WZO) whose main office is located in Jerusalem, Israel. The general objectives ofthe WZO are: to foster the ideals of Zionism and Judaism, and the unity ofthe Jewish people, to encourage the immigration of Jews to Israel and their resettlement and rehabilitation therein in industry, agriculture, commerce and the trades; and to assist and further their cultural, educational, religious, social, artistic and scientific endeavours to encourage, foster and promote the knowledge and study of Hebrew language and literature, Jewish culture, history, philosophy, traditions and achievement of the Zionist idea; and in connection therewith, to disseminate, publish and otherwise make available cultural, literary, religious, social, artistic, scientific and other publications and works relating to Judaism, Zionism, Israel and kindred subjects. Generally, the purpose ofthe registrant's activities is to gain the increasing and continuing support of the American Jewish community for the above mentioned objectives. However, the specific activities of the registrant are primarily educational, cultural, religious and carried out by its various departments.

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