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Until 2014, we manually entered data from the PDFs disclosed by the Department of Justice. That's how you can see itemized disbursements, lists of contacts, individual contributions, and other breakdowns of the information contained in those documents. We no longer manually pull that information, but we keep asking the Department of Justice to improve their data production standards so that you'll have access to that information! Until that time, we're providing this information for archival purposes only. Please check our "Real-Time Disclosures" and "Proposed Arms Sales" for up-to-date information.

Latest press releases from The Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Keep in mind, the sales mentioned in this feed are only proposed and may not happen.

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2015 Fiscal Year

$36.7 billion


 Date  Title  Estimated value
01/29/2010 Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States – RTM-84L and ATM-84L HARPOON Block II Telemetry Missiles 37,000,000
01/29/2010 Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States – Multifunctional Information Distribution Systems (MIDS) 340,000,000
01/26/2010 India – M777 155mm Light-Weight Towed Howitzers 95,000,000
12/28/2009 United Arab Emirates - Logistics Support and Training for 12 C-130J-30 Aircraft 119,000,000
12/28/2009 United Arab Emirates – Enhanced Guided Bomb Units 290,000,000
12/18/2009 Kuwait - Facilities and Infrastructure Construction Support Services 360,000,000
12/18/2009 Egypt – Harpoon Block II Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles 95,000,000
12/18/2009 Egypt – Service Life Extension Program for F-110-GE-100 Engines 95,000,000
12/18/2009 Egypt – Fast Missile Craft 95,000,000
12/18/2009 United Arab Emirates – Logistics Support for C-17 Globemaster Aircraft 501,000,000
12/17/2009 Saudi Arabia - SANG Modernization Program 177,000,000
12/14/2009 Egypt – HELLFIRE II Air-to-Surface Anti-Armor Missiles 95,000,000
12/08/2009 Turkey – CH-47F CHINOOK Helicopters 1,200,000,000
11/30/2009 Jordan – JAVELIN Guided Missile Systems 95,000,000
11/23/2009 Peru – Refurbishment of Two NEWPORT Class Landing Ship Tanks 82,000,000
11/23/2009 Kuwait - Technical Assistance for Construction of Facilities and Infrastructure 700,000,000
11/19/2009 Italy – MQ-9 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles 95,000,000
11/19/2009 Iraq – Light and Medium Utility Helicopters 95,000,000
11/16/2009 Kuwait – PATRIOT Sustainment and Repair/Return Program 410,000,000
11/16/2009 Singapore – Laser Joint Direct Attack Munitions 40,000,000

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