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Until 2014, we manually entered data from the PDFs disclosed by the Department of Justice. That's how you can see itemized disbursements, lists of contacts, individual contributions, and other breakdowns of the information contained in those documents. We no longer manually pull that information, but we keep asking the Department of Justice to improve their data production standards so that you'll have access to that information! Until that time, we're providing this information for archival purposes only. Please check our "Real-Time Disclosures" and "Proposed Arms Sales" for up-to-date information.


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Proposed Arms Sales

Latest press releases from The Defense Security Cooperation Agency. Keep in mind, the sales mentioned in this feed are only proposed and may not happen.

 Date  Title  Estimated value
07/11/2013 Greece – Spare Parts and Services for F100-PW-229 Engines 95,000,000
04/29/2011 Greece – Spare Parts and Services for F-16 Aircraft 95,000,000
03/29/2011 Greece – Cooperative Logistics Supply Support Agreement Foreign Military Sale Order II Support 95,000,000
09/29/2008 Greece - Enhanced PAVEWAY II Kits and Sustainment Support for F-16 Aircraft 133,000,000
10/07/2014 Greece – P-3B Aircraft Overhaul and Upgrade 500,000,000
11/18/2014 Greece – F-16 Sustainment 188,000,000
12/11/2014 Greece – CH-47D Chinook Helicopters 150,000,000
04/28/2017 Government of Greece– CH-47D Helicopters

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